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New episodes of Bring Your Own Movie are published every 2 weeks.


What is Bring Your Own Movie?

Everyone has that one movie they could talk about for hours, days, an entire lifetime, because they just love it so darn much.

In each episode of BYOM, Tonya Narvaez, Sam Bertken and Ryan Lee Short invite a guest to bring their own movie for a boozy chat, taking a conversational scalpel to the movie, bombing at movie trivia, throwing out hot-seat rapid-fire questions and sharing the wise insights people on the Internet have to say about this specific entry into the history of cinema— all while drinking each other under the microphone with the guest’s favorite libation.

If you are a movie fan who wants to relive your favorite films, find out what the fuss is all about when it comes to certain flicks, or are just someone who enjoys hot takes, Freudian slips and remarkable remarks wrapped up in celluloid, you will love to sip along to BYOM.